Diannah Bolong – Vacation Paradise

This vacation paradise  lies in West Africa, Senegal. The surroundings are described
as authentic, with an atmosphere that is calm and relaxing. The resort is located on the coast, the beach is a stone throw away and the days are warm and sunny. The place is describes as full of kindness where you are welcomed by loving and hospitable staff. It’s a  place where visitors can calm their minds while experiencing authentic West African culture.  


The aim for this project was to create a strong strategic foundation, a business model, marketing material, social media guidelines, a designmanual and a carefully positioned brand identity. The design is warm, soft, natural and has a lot of visual imput such as images, illsutrations and icons as we found that our target audience responds well to visual stimuli.

For about five months a group of four, Susanne Aanetsen, Kine Wik, Djamila Belgaid and Unsa Saeed worked to deliver a result that is sustainable and easily to use for the owners to use. I mainly worked on designing the bookingsystem and several of the pages on for the website as well as the illustrations and icons, powerpoint template, roll up, t-shirt guidelines, and the key-chain tag.


The symbol draws inspiration from traditional west-african art, used by the employees of Diannah Bolong on site. The warm african sun and the energy transfered from the local african employees to the visitors are shown as leaf-like elements in the symbol.

These elements also bring to mind that Diannah Bolong is 100 % green, with solar energy and local organic food. At the senter is a hut which points to the industry, Diannah Bolong is a vacation home for your soul and body to rest in. The name “Diannah Bolong” is in a local senegalese language and reads “Near the river”, which it coincidentaly is. The slogan underneath the logo is “Inner peace in an african surroundings”.

Online bookingsystem

The website has a five step booking system which ends in a confirmation of booking. Its easy to know where you are from the status-bar at the top and the order gets updated with details in the right column.

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